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Is the problem of politics not that we can not prove to our opponents that our opinion and our aim for particular decisions will be the best, the better option at least than the one they represent? How can we be persuasive enough for everyone to believe us? How can we even be absolutely sure how to take a decision, in order to get the results that we want? Statistics have never involved all possible influencing factors in its thinking, so, statistics is not actually reliable and therefore not useful enough as a means for political decisions. We need a vehicle. What actions will teach us to forget the concept of property? What disposition leads to a development of non-hierarchical social structures in humankind? How does the idea of power lose its power? Thinking alone did not lead us to an answer on how to change the organisation and structure of human society. We need to test. If everything is at stake, we can not afford to risk We can not wait and sit and wait until things are going wrong or badly or worse. We need to get to know for sure what to do and how to decide, now. The undertaking might appear too ambitious. But at the moment in Western Europe we still live in democracies. The moment is now. The moment to reveal:

What is it and how does it function? The principle is very easy. Shall we raise the taxes for medium sized companies? Shall we stop the copyrights on drugs? Shall we build a new train station in… Berlin? Shall we make trees mandatory? Shall we ban the constructing of new buildings? Shall we support space occupation or colonisation?

So we are going to construct a reliable simulator. This simulator will be able to receive any political question and calculates the outcome, meaning the consequences of two decisions compared with each other, meaning the comparison of a YES or a NO. It can calculate the overall consequences of such decisions in any given future time we want, for example in 2, in 50, or in 1000 years from now. The plan is to collect coefficients and subsequently mathematically connecting those coefficients. We feed, it calculates, and it visualises the outcome on a little screen, or more exactly, it visualises a comparison of the two outcomes of a YES or of a NO regarding the particular decision.

Of course the algorithm will be quite complex. We are working together with programmers, mathematicians, psychologists, social anthropologists, sociologists, environmentalists, biologists, geologists, political scientists, economical scientists, theologists, philosophers, artists… all disciplines that shape the world need to be involved in the calculations. No less than everything is partaking in the algorithm.

We will be able to test and calculate the future outcome of every tiny decision we take today. We will be able to form the society and the planet we want.
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So if green grass is growing this is raising CO2 in the atmosphere, which is then influencing the density of adrenaline hormones in insects, that might lead to a lower empathy towards wooden molecules. After that, all the archipelagos of knowledge are shifting apart slightly slower than before. Plasma bowls are turning around their own axes. Aligned groups are roaming abruptly, which makes the indirect speech less trustful. The behaviour of supremacists is seen here in the adapted use of plastic, and here how microplastic is lowering the air pressure, which moves a lot of anxieties from West to East. Within a couple of months the frequency of fires raises a feeling of challenge among field mice, which leads to more underground channels and is loosening soil, that is especially effecting the harvesting time periods of soy, that increases a narrative of motivation, that again, how neuroscientists assure, is shaking the probability of particular chemicals to split and wealth is being associated with victimhood in fascist movements, which leads to the question of oil and energy concurrence. A rising number of tractors is being invested in and 22% of the global population is more interested in French philosophy. We have 110% of crop travelling from North-East to South-West and security increases around the Mediterranean sea because of water noise levels and top-down car trajectories. The flow is blocked and desires are fastened. Time passes 1,4% faster when development has migrated. So after a couple of decades mould is growing on old leather books, this is raising toxic bacteria in old closed rooms, which is then influencing the density of unknown drops in mood balloons or cover bells, that might lead to angry emotions in middle class employees in the service sector, and a necessity of revenge towards historical characters. After that, all the islands of illegibility are flooding a will for politicality. Challenge reappears and 1,3% more firecrackers are being burnt, until all of them are sold out, which makes 5 children so angry they don’t stop turning around their own axes. The ecological elite is gathering numerously, which makes a presentation of innovations from urban dancers slightly broader. The behaviour of female journalists is seen here in the adapted use of tablets, and here how postmodren architecture is lowering the light balance during sunny days, which moves a lot of high winds towards South East Asia. Those winds lead to a 350% raise of headache in people under the age of 28 north of the equator. Within a couple of months the frequency of liberal democracies raises a feeling of fear among educationists, which leads to more underground activity in teenage movements, that is especially effecting the consumption of technological devices and thus the use of rare metals, which is of course influencing child labour in Congo. This again increases a narrative of inequality as complex trace of wild orientation, that again, how drone developers assure, is trembling the probability of particular earth plates to split and volcanic activity is being associated with violence from nature towards the human, which leads to the question of critical diet. A rising number of digital data is being invested in and 71% of the global population would like to do more online shopping. We have 142% of currencies travelling slowly downwards and guarantees are tracking insurance trajectories. Desires flow and space moves 1,4% faster when religion is practiced neoliberally. The energy of palmoil is pressuring warfare, global companies will start to develop military strategies and desires revolute with decreasing mobility. The volume of the love of mice, again, effects the air pressure that again is dispreading a mood of wealth and power through crafts. Work is more likely to be belittleted. The forcing of challenges lessen the convincement of capitalism